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How can a Peer Support Worker help someone who struggles with an ONLINE GAMBLING ADDICTION?

A peer support worker can provide invaluable assistance to someone struggling with online gambling by offering understanding, empathy, and practical guidance. Here are some ways in which a peer support worker can help:

  1. Providing a Non-Judgmental Space: A peer support worker can create a safe and non-judgmental environment for individuals to share their struggles with online gambling without fear of stigma or criticism.

  2. Sharing Personal Experience: Drawing from their own experiences, a peer support worker can offer empathy and understanding, demonstrating that they have walked a similar path and can relate to the challenges faced by the individual.

  3. Offering Emotional Support: Online gambling addiction can be emotionally taxing, leading to feelings of guilt, shame, and isolation. A peer support worker can provide emotional support, validating the individual's feelings and offering reassurance that they are not alone in their struggles.

  4. Exploring Triggers and Coping Strategies: Together, the peer support worker and individual can identify triggers that contribute to online gambling behaviour and explore healthier coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, or other underlying issues.

  5. Developing a Recovery Plan: A peer support worker can collaborate with the individual to develop a personalized recovery plan tailored to their specific needs and goals. This may include setting boundaries around online gambling, seeking professional help, or engaging in alternative activities.

  6. Providing Information and Resources: A peer support worker can offer information about available resources, such as support groups, counselling services, or online forums, where the individual can find additional support and guidance.

  7. Offering Accountability and Encouragement: By checking in regularly and offering encouragement, a peer support worker can help the individual stay motivated and accountable for their actions, reinforcing positive behaviours and celebrating milestones along the way.

  8. Advocating for Change: A peer support worker can advocate for systemic change to address the underlying factors contributing to online gambling addiction, such as accessibility to gambling websites or inadequate support services.

Overall, a peer support worker plays a crucial role in providing empathy, understanding, and practical support to individuals struggling with online gambling, helping them navigate the challenges of addiction and work towards recovery and healing.



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