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In Memory Of
My Dear Friend Kevin

A Soul Now With God
A Soul Now In Heaven

Play Just One More Tune

By Blake R. Horsley

Some people come in and out of your life

But those who are special stay with you through strife

I was lucky enough to have a very special friend

But I question why his life had to end

He was so strong and filled with positive emotion

His love for others was just a fragment of his devotion

He was more than a friend and just like a brother

He was more than a friend and like no other

He was filled with joy, and his happiness was contagious

His name was Kevin, and his humour was outrageous

He loved to play music, and sing to songs that he wrote

Kevin was wise but so silly, with sarcasm you could quote

He was there for others as he never put himself first

He was there when you’re happy, and there at your worst

His voice was raucously loud, and his laughter filled the air

His soul was kind and so loving, beyond all compare

Kevin was a man, vastly strong, but gone far too soon

I wish I could hear him on the guitar and keyboard, play just one more tune

Through days of joy and tribulations too

Kevin’s friendship held steadfast, and was always so true

His presence was felt by countless many who loved him

Now that he’s gone, a bright light is now dim

In hearts he touched, his essence remains

Leaving a legacy of love that forever sustains

Though tears now flow and hearts now ache

Kevin is an angel in Heaven, one God will now take

He was a friend to me, one of my best

I hope he’s at peace, and that his soul can now rest

In the vast expanse of the universe above
Kevin's presence endures, a testament to love
For Kevin, a friend like no other
Now rests in peace with the Angels, forever


There are many people in this world, and many in our lives

But with Kevin now at peace, a void now deprives

I loved him so much, what more can I say about Kevin

I am certain he is with God...

An Angel now in Heaven

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