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Beauty Becomes My Creation
Emotion Is Its Catalyst


Art is my outlet, that is, a way for me to stay grounded. I've found purpose, stability and peace through creative expression. I like to clutter white space because so much inspires me. My name is Blake Horsley and I am an artist, writer, poet, author, and mental health advocate; one who personally lives and is intimately acquainted with the nuances of bipolar disorder.

The allure of cluttering white space is my homage to the myriad of inspirations that surround me. When I am engaged in a state of crucible creation, everything that envelops me takes shape and is moulded within my mind. Each stroke, every burst of colour, is a reflection of my thoughts—an artful fusion of reality and imagination. Art, in those moments, is a reflection of what I am thinking. It allows me to capture reality and combine it with my own imagination.

Though I've always approached my endeavors with diligence, art stands apart. It effortlessly weaves love into my life, providing balance and purpose like nothing else. Hours invested in my work feel more like a labour of love than a task. Art and writing are my escapes, opportunities for meditation, and pathways to find peace. During my lowest moments, I embark on a quest for inspiration, closing my eyes to discover it within, and opening them to witness its true form. Each piece begins as a reflection of my present state, and as its beauty unfolds, my emotions ascend, travelling towards positivity and serenity. Art and writing serve as my guiding lights out of darkness and into the embrace of vibrance and light.


Beauty is my creation and emotion is the cause.


There is something about the ability to put that very emotion on canvas and paper. In those fleeting moments, every thought intertwines, breathing life into a hidden recess of the soul that resonates with others. My purpose is to reflect, using a mirror crafted from opaque layers and dream-like imagery. My inspiration emanates from vulnerable places—a relentless illness, the loss of a mother, and an ongoing journey of a life I continually strive to improve. These vulnerable places reveal themselves as you drift into sleep, in the calm preceding a storm, and in moments when you feel truly and unequivocally alive. My art is an ode to the concealed sanctuaries within us, the ones too timid to be unveiled.

To say I am entirely self-taught would be an oversimplification. I learn through emotion, allowing my hands to be guided by imagination. I've gleaned insights from others I admire, mentors with a visionary outlook, and countless hours of dedicated practice. I hope these pieces inspire you, serving as a perpetual reminder of my gratitude for living my dream. No lifetime is easy, but it can be consistently beautiful.

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