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What is Happiness?

Finding belief in yourself and holding onto it long enough so that you will not be discouraged if you lose it. For if you are truly happy once, you will regain it.

What is Sadness?

Something we need to be reminded that we are only human.

What is Peace?

It is our purpose, inside of us and out.

What is Faith?

Whatever chooses you.

What is Love?

The most powerful gift life has to offer.

What is God?

A label on something we cannot define. A feeling of company we either have or we don’t.

What is good?

God with a lower case g and an extra o. A word that reminds me to open my mind, not shut it.

What is bad?

If you don’t know this, you, my friend, are a fucking idiot.

What is Inspiration?

Everything and everyone.

Is there an Afterlife?

I believe there to be, but I cannot prove it in this one.

Are you in love?


How does that make you feel?


Is fear real?



Because I was afraid my whole life, and still to this day I carry that memory, and that frightens me.

Is it a good thing?

Yes, because it wakes us up, keeps us aware, and keeps us from killing ourselves.

It is knowledge that granted me fear, that granted me faith, that kept me alive.

It is my animal instinct.

I am proud of all of this belief so I will put my name at the bottom of this writing. Please share this if you also believe we live in Heaven already, but we just need to construct it better. We have the power to create our dreams. We have the power to make the world a beautiful place. This is my way of doing it… What is yours?

Your friend always,

Blake Robert Horsley

Peace & Love!

Talking To Myself!


This is an example of good… This is sharing!

What is Depression?

Guilt, Fear, Inward Hatred, Voices, Nightmares, Demons, Weakness, Darkness, Restless Death, Destruction, The Devil, Hell On Earth, The Unknown Everywhere, God’s Back Turned, Giving Up, Crying, Gray Sky’s With No Rain, Hiding, No Light, No Escape.

What is Mania?

Believing you can save the world and going crazy trying to prove it to everyone.

What is Sanity?

Giving 100% of yourself to your ultimate goal, so that your goal becomes your reality.

What is Stability?

Reading the signs and listening to the voices the world and everyone speaks, so that you can control your mind and maintain your sanity.



On a day I answered some of

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