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In Memory Of My Best Friend


Our Little Roeper Rug

When I met you, you laid in my arms
You were smaller than your brothers and sisters
You were gentle
And you were calm
You had a dot on your head
And you stood out from the rest
In that moment I knew you were the dog that I wanted
And the friend that I needed
In that moment you became family
In that moment you became our baby
You were our first dog
But you were scared
You cried on the drive home
But we gave you french-fries

And, you became happy
Not long after we brought another puppy home
A sister for you
One that you could love
One that you could protect

One that you could play with
Every day
And one that you could lay with
Every night
Her name was Pia, our little Pia Pug
And you were our Roeper, our little Roeper Rug
You were calm when you met her
And you approached her, touched her, and kissed her
That moment,
That memory,
Is one that I captured in a photograph
And one that I’ll never forget
You were silly so often

Affectionate so frequently
And, always so playful and happy
You were timid when we walked you
Because of the traffic, and of course,

Because of the dump trucks
But you loved the park
And you loved to run free
When I was at my happiest, it was because of you
And when I as at my lowest, you gave me nothing but love and affection
And that always brought me up
That always made me happy
When you got older you slowed down
But your love for us did not diminish
And our love for you only grew stronger
You laid on my dad’s bed on May 13 of 2022
Closed your eyes
And left us, that calm and warm spring night
You did not struggle
And you did not suffer
You simply let go and found peace
In a place I can only dream of
In a heaven in which I am yet, not a part of
I love you Roeper
And even though you’re gone
That love has not faded at all
You were our first baby
You were our first puppy
And you were my best friend
You may have passed on
But our love for you will never fade
And our memories of you will never be forgotten
I truly love all dogs
But I have never loved a dog as much as you
Thank you for giving me that love
And letting me feel a sense of happiness I will never lose
Because I had you

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