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My Life Created

My Moments Inspired

A Frozen Embrace Captured And Created
By Blake Horsley

In the frame of time
Throughout my life
Moments inspired

Are captured in light
The days gone by are echoed and still
The memories they hold onto are of a life so fulfilled

A frozen embrace captured and created
Leaving a life full of wonder that’s not debated
In the image of pixels where emotions reside

A story well-told becomes deeply implied

Sunsets are witnessed, now permanent to behold

A canvas of moments, as a life story unfolds
The conversations are silent, like a whisper that's hushed

The photos whisper a silent steady brush

Change is constant, as the years unfold

Yet frozen in time, one’s story is told

Lines are etched by laughter, and tears etched by strife

What can now be seen becomes the essence of life

Nature is shown, and the skies are embraced

Through the photos that echo, and the steps now retraced
Each image is a portal, a journey through time

It invites the observer to reminisce and to climb

What becomes permanent is a part of the past
What becomes permanent is all that now lasts
Upon this captured canvas, dreams now in flight

A moment witnessed, and a tale ignites

It is a story of inspiration, created to be seen
It is a story of the days, that are now but a dream
Through the lens time is captured, as life is reframed
With a collection of faces, inspirations and names

What is seen is a silent dialogue, an image to the soul
Photographs breathe life, making moments whole
In every photo that is taken, a whole world resides

It is that of a universe, where inspiration abides

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