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Amanda Is Her Name

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This Love

I sit in complete satisfaction

I sit with complete confidence

I sit with myself

Beside the girl I love

Beside the person who holds my hand

I sit in the company of complete trust

I sit, in love, in this state

In love with this place

In love with this girl

The only one who truly understands

All of who I am today

All of who I once was

And all of who I will be tomorrow

She makes me feel so safe

She makes me feel life

In a way in which I once ignored

I love her so much

And all I want to do right now

Is read all of these words to her

She is the best thing that has ever happened to me

She has centered me

And given me the strength to ground all of who I am

She shares laughter at just the right moments

She shares conversations in just the right places

She shares love, as it can be seen on both of our faces

Amanda is her name

Blake is mine

I remember when we took the photos of the birds

I remember when we shared the view 19 stories up

I remember when we got our first dog

And a little while later she came home and surprised me with a second

I remember standing on top of a ski hill in the summer
Taking her picture

And thinking that she was an angel

I remember when she said yes

I remember when we first met

I remember when she said, "I love you," a minute ago

And the countless times, those words, she has said before


I remember why I love her

And that I'm so lucky to have met her

And, this love, I'll always remember

This love,

I'll never let go

My favourite photo

The Day We Fell In Love.

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