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The Drip Is Stale

The drip is stale

As yesterday was its cause

The memory of the morning after

Forces me to pause

Now is the reason, more than ever

To never go back looking at yesterday’s forever

The pain I have felt, stems from not one's simple touch

As all that is in me is something I have carried

Something I own, something I admit, something I clutch

My words are invisible, just as thought lies

My memory is so visible, it makes my heart die

I hurt when I think of the person

The one who is to blame

For all of my strife

All of my suffering

For all of my internal



In me I shall find him and guide him to a better state

In me I shall find him, after all, he hurts just to wait

He is I

And I am him

Standing where the walls are thin

Standing where sky caves in

Praying to overcome this self inflicted sin

I challenge this person

Let the killer come out

So I can smother him

Subdue him

And never let him force doubt

In the mind of myself

Where my torture takes place

In the mind of myself

Where an illness takes shape

Lies another me that I try so hard to control

Lies another me who hurts my tortured, weathered soul

I will ally with this demon that rests within my mind

I will convince this spirit to come out

Praying peace, he shall find

In a shared state where two minds now collide

The low and the high finally meet with every waking stride


Get a grip I tell him, and he asks

Where and how?

I hold out my hand to him, as I, am him, now

The pain disappears as the hurt meets the strong

My life becomes one, and I realize it was only one


In my life


All along

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