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To my cousin, Mark Meade.

When I was a child you were the teenager that was so free-spirited, so hilarious, and so fun to hang out with. You were the big cousin that I looked up to, and the one I wanted to be like. As an adult, you are a Canadian Soldier and one that I highly admire. You are a man who marches with pride, and an individual that carries honour with every step that you take. Your sense of humour reminds me of just how human our soldiers really are. I am so grateful you and your brother fought for our country, and never have I ever been so inspired to create works of art such as these. Thank you for being a man that I've always looked up to, for making me so proud, and for inspiring me in words I can only attempt to piece together on canvas. Words cannot begin to do justice for what you have done for our country, and for how you have affected me because of it. You truly are an inspiration, and it is an honour to be part of your family.

The Long Slow March Home
By Blake Horsley

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