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"Monique and Bob”

By Blake R. Horsley:
November 10th, 2018


When no end is in sight

Flowers bloom

Fallen leaves fight

Remembering the pain of yesterday

A pain that wants to play

And so the poppy seeds flow

And so the pain of yesterday goes

A path to remember is all one can do

And in this path is yesterday’s dew

A September rain

From an April’s fool

A soldier dies

So, all, can set down tools

The gun does reminisce

About a yesterday’s sorrow

And on Remembrance Day

We beg for tomorrow


Thank you Nana, for granting me life

Because of August 18th, I will never think of the knife


You are my angel

The one that guided my mother

And so Davida Horsley is in heaven

And so nothing is like another


A poppy is red

Like yesterday’s bed

Blood does heal

To this poem's end


Fin we find, through language so given

I hope to my angels

I will see you in heaven


Thank you dad, for granting me this gift

Because of you I will march, never swift


And so my happiness is found in you

Holding on to the fallen

Forever; I’ll do

"A Sister With My Mom’s Smile"

By Blake R. Horsley
November 13th, 2018


Beauty is in the eye of every bell

Letting go, trying not to yell

I sit and stare with eyes so prepared

And so her smile becomes so fair

Light and dust

Hold me hard and let go

My favourite thing to admire is her angelic stroll

Heavenly sister, you are my friend

Even when I try to pretend

For every fairy tale’s end

A beginning lights my stay

Living in a paradise of urban ways

Prisoner of nothing, letting go, yet holding hands

So our friendship sways

To a beat I try not to control

In the place that looses fear

In the place we try to steer


Watch out for a heavenly face

One that dare not leave, the most beautiful race

With traces of dust

With faces; A face loved ones lust


Letting go, is heaven’s soul

Holding on, footsteps stroll


And so my friend becomes a sibling

For she is an angel

Like heaven’s beginning

WHAT THE BLOOD CLOT? humble bumble bee

"I Do Always Love You Dad”

By Blake R. Horsley

November 13th, 2018


When one gives a breath to a baby boy

When one shares in all life’s joy

A father holds his very son

A father, who is never done

The day the birth of a father means more

The day the father is a lion’s roar

And so the moon is crescent sun

And so a man becomes a son

Walter Horsley is the name

Of the very man, the lions tame

Today the birth of his reigns true

Today good company will always brew

Seventy years and still not complete

Happy Birthday on a nameless street

The songs sing to the lord, the one above

And in this lord is a Sunday’s dove

When all we do is live for you

There is so much left on earth to do

I love my dad, I love him so

And on his birthday;

I’ll never let him go

When the walls come down; Friends are found!

A Best Friend


By Blake Horsley
November 15th, 2018


Vanessa is her name

The woman with the lion’s mane

She carries a soldier in her arms

She is the source of all her charm

Sweet to the soul her voice does speak

Moving mountains with her walk, to an angels peak

And so the sound of whispers brew

And so her voice will sing to you

A friend she is with blessed feeling

And all her family in lord are kneeling

I love the conversation she always sparks

She even has a dog who barks

A mother figure through and through

A soft hug is all I’ll do

She is a friend, almost at instance

And in her house I find my stance

She makes me think of the girl I love

She makes me look at the clouds above

She is a person I love to show

The rest of everything I’ve already let go

I’m glad to god she is my friend

For I am happy; I won’t pretend

And so her friendship will never fade

And so a bond is forever made

The Return To Innocence;

It Is The Love That Travels Time
By Blake R. Horsley



If I could go back in time, I'd only go back so far

To the day I met you, and offered you a drive in my car

For before then, in life, so far I have seen so much

And much of which had been without your blessed loving touch

I wish, if I could, to build a time machine to travel

So far I would go back to my favourite time unraveled

This machine would take me to a place I've already been

The time I would travel to would make my dreams come true again

I would go back in time and do it all over

I would go back in time to the point where I met my best friend and lover

To the place I remember striking a conversation

To the place that made love grow without hesitation

If I could travel through time I would say hello to you all over again

And wait with anticipation for our infinite love, we both know, has no end

I travel through today with you by my side

And though a machine is not real I like moving forward in the car we still ride 

I imagine travelling through time to when I met you

Because just the thought of doing it all over again makes all of my dreams come true

Today I look back to a brief point in time 

Today I look at you and only love, I can find

I love you Amanda, and as I feel this time slows down

And when I think back in time I freeze the thoughts of when our love was first found

Our love has a beginning, and I smile when I think of it

But I'll let time move forward, right now, just a bit

For as it continues our love grows ever stronger

As I spend my life with you, forever and longer


Whispering Medicine
By Blake R. Horsley
November 16th, 2018

When a mother passes on

Dreams and dares come upon



Feeling the motion

Swimming freely

Gliding to a medicated state

Someone’s daughter lays out her hand

And we move on


The story goes forever

The story goes until time will no longer hesitate

Following one’s own way


And so a unicorn guides the bird upon it’s perched resting place

We leave love to be unified 

We are human so identified


Let go move on; Hold up, hold on


You will not suffice

You must first sacrifice


The dreams come true

The dreams are you


You imagine gliding through a daughter’s land

What are we, more than human

And so it goes, on forever like lost souls

Seagulls beg, life comes and goes


We let the presence hit our beak

We fly to the wind to the highest peak

And so we whisper

And forever speak

This performance is proof of heaven. This is why I want to sing to the stars!

my favourite song is proof I am still alive.


By Blake R. Horsley


I know not what to say

In bliss, white backgrounds create a source of play

Communion is fasted between blessings

No amount of failure will have me undressing

And so, these words hit empty thought

For all the words in language are sought

Peace be upon you, shalome is my neighbour

And so our suits are warn, and so they are tailored

Cleanse the drought within your belly

Let go, but hold on, trying hard not to be silly

I know not what to write, for I am comforted by the words of buddha

Asking for forgiveness, aiming not to shoot ya

These words reflect an empty mind

Words of confusion left to unwind

A Bed I Lie In

By Blake R. Horsley

November 22nd, 2018


Inner voices express worry

Peaceful sounds come in a hurry

Water hits the pavement, with a shining movement

I dance to evolve

I dance to adapt

With music that touches me

Like God does heavens clutch

I try not to be afraid

But the sun has refrained from my sight

And so I am left with only street light

I hurt when I focus on my pain

The snow has come

There is no more rain

I try to follow my own way

In a delirious state of stay

I hope to remain strong

I pray for existence to be long

As I listen to my favourite songs

I don’t know what to write

But I do know I will not give up my fight

I am not drowning, I am forever trying

In a made bed I lie in

Skin faded red, stronger because I am trying

Words come out of me with aimed intention

Memories I hold onto, with so much I need not mention

Heaven’s dust makes my shadow grow

I lean into a refracted state that is magical

And so I end with thoughts I adore

And so my life can only sore

I love the gift my pain has brought

For today there is no pain, just only thought


By Blake R. Horsley

November 23th, 2018

I lie in the grass to feel the blue sky

The sun is setting

Past mistakes have me questioning why

I turn my back to the sun and feel its warmth

I turn my face to the clouds and feel so much

I begin to sing with divine intention

I flush away my sins

I beg for release from the afflictions that possess me

I don’t know what has come over me

But I begin to feel heavenly

I sing to the birds

The ones that fly above

I notice one that lands on a post in my view

It stares at me

I think of you

I think of god and so my thoughts begin to meditate

I claim nothing but feel so much

I aim at one thing, begging for the touch

The one that comes from Jesus

The one that gives me hope

And so I beg for forgiveness from the mistakes

The ones that make me choke

I love where I lie

I love where I am 

I am in a world surrounded by heaven

I lead my voice to a song I make up

I want to be strong, from the clouds I now duck

Let me be I ask, from the self inflicted pain I possess

I let go of gravity

I am in a state of happiness

The Lion’s Room

By Blake R. Horsley

November 27th, 2018


The leaves blow into a winter’s abyss

This year has been painful

This year I won’t miss

Lessons have come and gone

I’m just trying to do what’s right

I’m just trying to stand still and strong

The pain has come 

The pain has left

Autumn leaves in winter are all that’s left

I run to the wind

I beckon to the birds

I cannot let go of past mistakes

I try to let go of past words

Scattered amongst the sky

Reasons have me dreaming

Contemplating, asking why

I hurt when the pen does not hit paper

My spirit inside feels like a vapour

I know not where to rest

And so I pound on my beating chest

I cannot stop contemplating a heart beat that travels fast

Left alone, with a melancholy past

But I am strong, I have survived

And I must acknowledge I am still alive

I see friends in every direction

The clouds block the sun’s perfection

Sadness dissipates 

Memories contemplate

I am left alone with only thought

I have come so far, with energy so brought

I will not suffice, only to have forgot

Outside the lion’s room, my predictions come true

This experience weighs heavy, but I am certain

I will come through

To happy endings

To see the sky

To new beginnings

I will forever try

And so the tears dry in my eyes

And so there is no reason left to cry

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