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I am as well,

nothing less and nothing more than one heart, two lungs and a soul.


I'm inspired by the wonder. Why cherry blossoms are pink. How the wind decides which way to blow and how spring knows when it's time to give way to the hot July sun. I'm inspired by being alive. When the moon and stars intertwine, conceiving that insignificant feeling we all get sometimes. The knowledge that we are all born flawlessly naked and alone, but we have the choice to live wild and free. Depending on our choices, we part in the same skin we came in with, just with more flaws. Reverting back into stardust, destine to circle the universe until our atoms form and create new life. Glimpses of who we were, who we are and what we can become float consistently in my mind, like dust looking for a place to settle. My soul smiles when i feel the sun on my face, the breeze through my hair and the grass between my perfectly painted toes. There are moments when I am just happy to be. To fill my lungs with air and let my silence show my gratitude.


My Bulldog, my Pug, my never boring other half and my sense of infinite curiosity.




The ability to see the magic behind the true meaning of life.


The ability to create something the universe has never seen before.

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