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want to be a leader in Canada because of this man, Tupac Shakur. I am an author, artist, advocate for mental health, bipolar, sober, a business owner and a signed Canadian rapper. Tupac is my hero. Biggie made me cool when I was a really small wrestler in high school. I found God through this man and wrote a book called "A Man With Glasses". It is a story of a manic mind that collapses into suicidal ideation everyday and bliss the same day. My website is unregistered because I am legally homeless and cannot afford even a pack of cigarettes without help. I still have a dad, and lost most of my immediate family. I am a good fiancé to Amanda because I want to have a child with her, a little boy, and name him Simba, from the lion king, because I grew up in Scarborough and wanted to be cool like all people, particularly black people. I admire them. My wrestling mentor is Christopher Kelman, a vice principal at David Suzuki high school in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, my homeless home. He is black. He is my hero today and always told me I could be a leader one day and help the world. Please visit and help me help the world, a place I am always inspired in and always at home, even when I am cold, starving, and thirsty. I will never give up on life, because I am a survivor; a suicide survivor. This month is #nationalsuicidepreventionmonth in Canada. I love Eminem, because I saw him live as a child in Toronto, and never felt cooler in my life. I want to be the brain that Tupac intended to spark, to make a difference, even in our president @RealDonaldTrump because he makes a difference in my life every single day I wake up, and even in my dreams, where the sky has no limit. Notorious BIG is my favourite rapper. Tupac is my hero, just like Terry Fox who was born close to where I lived before I moved to Brampton. I help people. You can too. Please follow me on Instagram, or add me to Facebook, to be my friend, so that I know, I am not alone. Please help me, so that I don't want to die anymore. I love life. I miss my Nana, Popper, mom and some friends who have been shot and died of drug overdoses. Please keep the streets happy, so that your homes can be safe, and you can wake up everyday to see the rising sun in the east, and the setting sun in the west. Please help me travel the world, just by posting your pictures and videos on social media. Please save yourself, so that you can save humanity. Please believe in me, because I believe in all of you. Thank you beyond words for giving me strength. I love life, because I am proud. I am proud, because I am brave. You are too, even if you don't think so. You are changing the world, and from where I live, I see changes every single day. I love you, and I don't even know you. That may sound weird, but I have to say that, so that I don't hate myself. I have a soul and will never ever give up. The world is why. My country is because. And America, this is for you.


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