Waking From Silence

Paralyzed Conscience

When the world is asleep

I am awake

When the world is awake

I am asleep

Dreaming in a state of paralysis

I beg to my dreams, wake me

For only then can I cry

For only then I can make sense of why

I fight to move

But breathing is easy

I wish the world and I could relate

I wish my ceiling was an escape

I wish my ceiling didn’t stare down in my depressed consciousness

I ache without pain

Dreaming of the night again

My pills put me to sleep

So sad I am I cannot even weep

I spill my drink

My mind races to think

Before I can even blink

I talk to myself aloud

With no answer found

I listen to music on this precious day

Awake for once, while the world goes to and fro

I write with the blinds closed

I don’t pay attention to the ceiling

I look through the cracks of my blinds

And I see the sky

I see no reason to feel

And so I let go, and to my greater power

I submit and I kneel