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An Angel I Knew

Scattered amongst the stars

Is a life that has felt scars

Amongst a pain that does persist

Is an angel living through the mist

In life, good company she had made

To the heavens, her soul, she has gave

Laughter is subdued by all of our tears

A life too perfect, to an end so near

Our thoughts do question, why is this so

Where is this angel, where did she go

She left you longing for us to stay close

For her love for us, was more than most

I beckon to the wind and look to the shore

I ask is this real, where is the door

Calling her name is what we can do

Seeing the pain, dampened by dew

I love the path that my friend made

Her soul now travels, her body is laid

The days are long

The years have been short

My mind inside carries thoughts through the dark

I miss my friend

I miss her laugh

I wonder now, what is her path

God can be harsh, life is so hard

But her breath was so soft, eyes lit like the stars

Her name was Amanda, and she was my friend

I wish in my life, hers did not sadly end

But I am certain she lived a life full of love

Because though she is gone, I can feel her above

She had strife in her life, that I cannot deny

But when I think of her character, I cannot but cry

She opened her arms, and held just so many

That with eyes closed, this world feels more empty

Her humour was contagious, with empathy so unbroken

Her years she was given leaves questions I’m lost in

Wise her mind was, and gentle was her touch

And though she is gone, her love I will clutch

What can I say, I miss my good friend

A life so beautiful, why did it end

I will never forget the love that she gave

To those that knew her with me, her memory we'll save

A beautiful person gone, I just don’t understand this

An angel has left, to heaven a soul granted

But I will accept it, I must trust to do so

Amanda, your love, I will never let go

Thank you my friend for a bond that will never be broken

You are an angel, one God has now chosen