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Why Is Day Only Night?

Steadily you write

As ashes hit the paper

Awake, though it is late

The night has come and so you wait

You dreamt tears of sadness

A pain that is deep within

A pain that seems, has always been

You dreamt and woke

It’s almost easier to be awake

For even in bed, you cannot hide from it

Where is the shore surrounding this empty abyss

You don’t know what you want, and yet it’s everything you miss

The blankets consume you, no longer with comfort

What is real

Is all of it pain

How can you feel, alone, wanting more

The rain does not fall, on this cold dreary day

The rain does not come; a bedroom’s ceiling blocks the way

If I could have started again

I know I would have lived different

If I could have started again

Would the pain have been lifted

I stay in bed until the night turns to black

Eyes glued to nothing, except thoughts of a broken reflection

One trying to go back

My only voice, scribbled on line paper in the middle of the night

Depression is just a part of this sickness

Depression feels like God’s love has been lifted

My love for myself has been shifted, from a conversation not speaking

God’s comfort, I’m not seeing

I write to give myself meaning

I write to keep myself company

Words with no purpose

Attempting to scribble anything that is worth it

To tell myself this makes sense

To tell myself, everything will be all right

If this is my life

Am I loosing the fight

If this is my life

Why is day only night