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Saturday's Moon

Kissing to stop time

Holding hearts in a night that shines

Walking through the vines, touching broken branches

Floating above ground, having infinite chances

The pendulum does not swing

Two voices connect, two voices sing

Crazy and calm, this can’t be a dream

Past is now silence, pain cannot scream

Love finds its place through all of this comfort

Love will not race in all we now run with

Two lovers repeating the words they already know

Telling each other over and over, they will never let go

Discovering new reasons to never think of leaving

Running through seasons, that change while they’re dreaming

Songs play now, like gifts from an angel

Songs that are written, telling beautiful tales

You held my heart

You kept me warm

You are my strength

Through yesterday’s storm

There is nothing in our way

There is only today

And I am not writing about someone else

You know who you are

You don’t deny all we have felt

So I’ll start time again and wait to see you, so very soon

And kiss you tomorrow, under Saturday’s moon