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The Bird In The Room

A breath lifts birds into flight

A breath gives strength to all life

The wind carries your body to journey’s end

A journey that does not bend, one will not pretend

You breathe alone

You breathe in good company

You breathe at home

You choke on one’s suffering

Left in the cold, you beg to come in

Always you’re told, is this how to live?

You climb the highest peak

You kneel on the shore

Finding the right words to speak

Begging life, pleading for more

Is this the life you expected?

Is this your dream perfected?

Why are you lost, why are you left in,

This place,

This stage,

This room?

You breathe, you can’t find your breath

You breathe, lost in regret

You breathe, not knowing what’s left

You breathe, as prayers are now debt

Words are formed, like a cluster of birds

With purpose or so it seems

Unified to those who speak

Tied to all, strong or weak

And so you leave your room and breathe

And so you fly, with the birds you see