The Same Ceiling

The night keeps me awake

Staring through the ceiling

To a dark sky forever kneeling

I’m so far from so much

I’m so close to myself

I hear a voice

Not my own

Not in my own home

Though right now I’m alone

I ask it, where am I now?

Falling in the universe

Laying to gravity

Flying to the heavens

Asking to be let in

Time ticks seconds into daylight

Waking and never sleeping

Speaking and never seeing

Living and always dreaming

Selfish to a sunlit sky

Humbled by a weakness one can’t deny

Surrounded by so many faces

Only a day could wake them

And bring them back to the same night of all places

I move so far

Under the same ceiling

The one I look to

To the stars

I hear a voice

And I’m alone