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I Show You Everything

The pain was so obvious

As we both say in god we trust

The walls came down

I showed you everything

I show you everything

Why am I still hiding

Why am I still ashamed

Do I even know my own name

The morning is here and I have slept

The night is gone for I have wept

This path is long as I have stepped

You are with me for you I’ve let

Broken lights force me to open blinds

Let’s be selfish and see the sun

Let’s be selfish and not be done

I don’t want to hide

I’ve already torn down walls

I clean off past guilt everyday

What defines me I ask myself

Is it what I show you

Or is it what I don’t do

The sun hides behind clouds

The morning begins by taking a bow

This apartment, high up, feels underground

And though I am content, I cannot look down