Silent Song

The abuse breaks words

The abuse breaks thoughts

Scribbling line after line

Scribbling a covered mouth throughout stolen time

Past inspirations get put in the corner of the room

Past realizations get lost in one’s doom

Imperfections are so honest

They become so real they must be perfection

Imperfections are your voice

With thoughts that have no choice

Kiss me before you go

For your distractions, I’ll miss them so

Scribbled thoughts rest on crumpled pages

This life is ending throughout all ages

You can’t remember what made you write in the first place

You look in a broken mirror and see not your own face

And so you save the next page

For this empty paper you dare not waste

You’ve seen the world through your window

And so you gather all that belongs

You’ve seen the world through empty eyes

And so you listen to a silent song