The Doves

I screamed in sleep

Drowning in dreams

Drowning so deep

Past week decisions caught up to me

Panic attacks weighed down on me

Pop another pill, it will help

And so I did, taking a big gulp

Antipsychotics that leave me robotic

Blind diagnostics

Medicated optics

It happened again

And I just couldn’t stop it

I woke not knowing where I went

Pain was gone, for it was sent

My mind, an empty space up for rent

And the thoughts were lent, back to the heavens above

Back to the hell, the place I seem to just love

Get me back onto my feet

Get me back on my own street

Give me back my only heartbeat

The hard, the soft

The pills I pop

It has to stop

Or the knife I’ll drop

I puke the misery of yesterday

I call for the mystery of everyday

I ask the sky, make mistakes go away

But here I am

And here I’ve stayed

Wondering why, the drip wont dry

Wondering why, I try and try

The sky leaves me small in a world so big

My own grave exists, as I've begun to dig

I‘ve fallen in the hole

Hanging on to all I love

I wish I could fly

Like the birds that that call

Like the doves above