Stained Tracks

October 1, 2017

Stained are the tracks

Leaving it all back

Walking to the sound

Not even touching your ground

Wasted in space

In a time one can't trace

High on the chemicals

While counting all decibels


He talks and you listen

Minds wander through prisms

Wanderlust is felt through a rising cold sun

The day has just started but should be now done

The neighbours still lie, minds dreaming in beds

The neighbours could wonder where you were led


Whispers you make for you must not reveal

For high you now are, so unnatural you feel

You ask to go out to just be alone

But paranoia leaves you frozen in a place not your home


Drugs started with drinks, but turned into choice

Drugs make thoughts so loud, drowning one's voice

This place is a heaven that won't last the day

You'll end up in bed, having questioned your way

You now feel good, so presence you crave

You have one last line, you know you can't save


Let it all go, let it just be


Hold on and self-medicate



Hold on and you'll see




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