Too Many Words

Words hit the paper through held bleeding pens

Words whose beginnings are shaping all ends

Love is the lust that all words do chase

Love is the middle in all we do race

Speaking through thought in a room shared by many

Thinking in a world that sometimes feels empty

Pain is persisted in a trance so pursued

Healing is resisted and felt by so few

Letting go of distractions and all our confusion

Holding onto one’s focus that targets delusion

Slipping and born but forced to stay up

Balanced and torn, not spilling one’s cup

Life is ridiculous as death is so certain

Life begs to wonder, what’s left behind curtains

Blind to the light, one that does wake

Seeing through dark as days done do all make

Too many thoughts leave too many words

When peace is so fought, and thoughts are not heard

Silence becomes practise in company by so many

Silence is nothing, but is the most heavy

Left alone with your words life begs all for its purpose

Left alone with all meaning, is all said now all worth it

I've lived through the lines of a story I've written

I've fought my own words through dialogue I've bitten

What is the next line, does one now read or now write

Life is felt inside, on paper, on light