Through The Cracks

Confusion guides one upside down

Gravity shifts sideways and from the ground below

Choices are drowned by the world’s voices

Noises are carried to an empty room

The wall begs to be written on

The pages are only one

Distracted by the guilt from yesterday

Retracted from the path of history

The clock moves forward, and one does not

One simply sits, barely moving from one spot

Pacing and pacing, dreaming of chasing

Thoughts shift from questions to conclusions

Conclusions shift to afflicted, affected delusions

The will is strong, but tired and stalled

The will is life, in a place shared by all

To see through the vine, to see through the ghost

To see through the cracks, one sees the most

Empty is the body with a mind that is heavy

Wanting to go forward, wanting and not ready

Letting go of the spirits, letting go of the departed

Letting go of the home, the place it all started

Praying to silence, listening to violence

Peace is a moment, a fleeting persistence

Confusion distracts from understanding existence

Breathing underwater, life finds resistance

Choose your last words and all that is left

Choose your last path, letting go of regret

When gravity is war, so is the next step

When pleasure lets go, happiness finds threat

Love is the answer, and all do know this

Love is the gift guiding one through a light lit

Outside, naked, weathered by the wind

Inside, creating a life full of sin

A friend helps one to finding their way

A family gives reason for one’s path to stay

A reflection is all that is granted alone

A reflection finds shadow, knowing not where to roam

A day brings good company, something for one’s purpose

Night brings one’s dreams, resting just for this

The sun now sets making confusion’s strength tired

Praying to silence, is thought now a liar