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a r t CREATE DESIGN l i f e

From Drugs And Depression

Staring through broken glass

Time stands still, as pain won't pass

I see the mountain top, where ice moves not

I see through rock, standing in one spot

I fall at the bottom, begging to climb high

I fall back asleep, hoping I won't die

My honest intentions are blocked by my choices

All I can hear are my own tortured voices

I hurt when I think of the person, the one who is to blame

I call to the sky, I call out my own name

I will try again, I will try hard

I'll heal in sleep, leaving my scar

What have I become, my sweetest friend

I am this person, I cannot pretend

The light is on, my words are calling

The birds are chirping, the dark is falling

I hear a voice, a god given truth

My mind is beautiful, and yet it's abused

I rest my breathing, I slow down my thoughts

If this is the one life I live, I'll have to be taught

I'll have to listen to my voice, I'll have to listen to my instinct

I'll have to end this battle, I'll have to find a clear link

Where do I go, when my thoughts are a race

How do I slow down, in a life I can't escape

Depression is the cause, but that's not the reason

A weakness lies within me, in a room I'm already leaving

I stare out the window, for a new day has dawned

I stare at my reflection, for I only have one

How will I change, how will I let go

How will I be stable, when will the sky show

I wear a crown of thorns, upon a liar's chair

I live in an open book, in a truth and not prepared

I will end this one day, I know I will

For it is life I want, but it is I, I kill

I can still be the man, the one who wears glasses

I can still find the light, for I've already passed this

These are my words, this is my honesty

This is an illness I have, I've chosen to let you see

Could this be, that I don't know why

The sun has risen, and yet in bed I lie