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Through The Same Windshield

I see the kids standing in front of the corner store

I see the guy playing guitar in front of the pizza shop

I see nothing

Time stands still

Am I stuck in this linear path

Distracted by the one

The one I love to be next to

We walk in circles everyday

Without even moving

Without even blinking

I'm alone now

Memories float back to her

Thoughts make sleep stay awake

Lights make night disappear

Open eyes

Open hearts

Away from each other

But still finding

A time that dives

From my balcony

To the car that she drives

When the day lets us see

I want to see

Everything I can

In the company of her

In the passenger seat

Of the car that she drives

So even when the rain won't subside

We go for a ride

In her car

To a place, I've never seen