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What Lies Below

What lies below

How does this go

Am I looking the right way

How can I know

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

With angels that carry

To deceivers we trust

Ashes that blow from an open window’s wind

Ashes that settle on all of my sins

Where do I stop, where do I begin

Is it me I am looking for, or is it him

This God I call to, this God I trust

This pain I envy, this feeling I lust

Slain from a mountaintop, falling from cliffs

Slain from a remedy, choking on this

My words are weathered, my legs cannot stand

My thoughts are scattered, trying to comprehend

My body is weak but awake for new days

A feeling of warmth searching for sun rays

I lay on the grass, I lay in the fields

My mind is a race, thus I stop and I yield

I reach for the sky, hoping I’m found

I reach for something greater than all of this ground

The devil lies below, but below I won’t reach

My presence alone, leaves must left to teach

And so I breathe another breath, and live a little more

I know not was is left, but I feel so much more