I've Already Let Go

Comforted by sleep, in daylight, hidden by blinds

Ones for now that only make me weep

This view calls to my soul

A soul that can’t fall, no matter how high, no matter how steep

Today I will not let go, today I will hold on

I choose to live by choice and choose to not leap

Forever I convince myself

Forever I convince, only myself

Forever I beg a voice inside, to listen, as I ask with words that don’t hold back

Please, help, I can’t yell, I can’t yell, far from hell, I can finally tell

I am strong, the voice of my own says all along

This is certain, as he tells me my soul is not wrong

I will not wrong, only living to just be

Only living to be strong, taking myself to a place I can finally see

That in which is forever, that in which is free

I am forever, in an existence I only ever belonged to already

Why is this freedom felt so much, with a sky above so heavy

Why are my thoughts loud, I know now I can make them a whisper

I am finally ready and I will sing to write lyrics

I sing to write a song

To survive life that seems short

To survive days that seems so very long

I open my blinds and my reflection is not seen past the window

But the pain of my finger prints from yesterday

Is in the way of my vision to help me make decisions

It is a stain in front of a view of clouds with no snow and no rain

I am so high, as I look out, and in the sky, as I look down

I am stuck wondering why as my answer is already found

I am far above ground, no longer swimming in water, right now, I am dry

I am far from drowning, I can breathe, as I don’t even try

I need not try and I am confident that today I will not die

I need to look out, I need not cry

I look out into the horizon and feel I can reach it

I know deep down I can as my sins remind me that I am only a good man

My soul is here as my soul can see

As the window I look away from becomes the door to my room I walk to

In the room, I’ve already let go

I let nothing stop me, to just breathe, to just be, to just see

The place down below has become the path I can finally run free