The Wall I Built

I broke a wall, So I could see the sun

When I climbed to the top,

All I could see were clouds,

As the sun was blocked

So I looked at myself,

Staring deep into my hands

I built the wall again for something to do

As the wall was built,

The clouds cleared,

But the sun had moved behind me

I would not look at it, for in the wall,

I now saw a shadow

I punched it and only hurt myself

The wall broke

I asked myself,

What is the point of this?

Then, the sun answered,

As my shadow no longer consumed me

There is no point to building a wall if you are just going to make it fall

There is no point in having a sun if you hate your own shadow that comes

And so I stood up,

Gathered the rocks,

Built the wall again,

And waited until the next day the sun would arrive,

To tell me something new

When I saw my shadow,

I realized I was just waiting,

To talk to myself

Instead of talking I climbed the wall I don’t know why I did this for I needed not do it

But when I got to the top,

I could see the sun and my shadow together

I was happy to see them