Memories Simply Stack

January 2, 2017

Staring with eyes that don't blink

Stopping to grasp, stopping to think

This is my story, and I'm telling you

My story was that of a fool

My story was true, but this is not what I wanted

I hurt, being chained down

I wore, something heavy, I wore a false crown

I was forced to do something

I was forced to drown

Face painted like a clown

And in that state, my soul I had found

I run now, different then before

I run to something I desire, I run to something I adore

I crave so much more

I find it, as freedom is felt, as being awake makes me soar

And to my past, I close my fucking door

But memory paints my life, for my clown mask can't be scraped with a knife

I am a child, holding that knife, in his one and only life

Like a child, who cuts his finger

Like a child who is not taught, like a child that lingers


I can't write

I can't remember

I'm tired


I hate looking back

How do I make sense, I can't

And so my mind, I crack

As sadly so many memories

So many memories






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