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Open Space

I sit and ponder As a secret begins to wander I look up and question Why am I so lucky Why is this world heaven Grateful thoughts inspired by a current Grateful blessings no longer lie dormant The sky opens up like an ocean filled with mysteries And I am happy now, growing like a budding leave Where does this take me A ride that does shape me Thinking out loud I cannot mistake The feelings inside that forever do make me I visualize a future, one near and far In it I ride through nature, windows down, in my favourite car I am not alone I am not forgotten It is love I feel inside It is company whose comfort I am lost in I breathe in nature's gift The air that moves so swift And for once I am peaceful With a strength for a future I now lift Presently Peacefully Letting go of a mind that once did nothing but hurt me Loving life in this very moment is nothing But a sure thing Let us see where the night guides my inner voice Let me se