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Do I

I breathe in and exhale a soft, gentle tone I am far from company, on the ground and alone Silence is what's heard, and calm is what I feel The sun has set behind and a blanket canvas now kneels I listen to the calls, the ones inside my head It is dark outside, but I am still far from bed A bird now sings an honest, giving tune As I scan the dark sky, in search of the high moon I beg for nothing, for now, I am content The night is warm again, this place is heaven sent Programmed to feel lost, naked and alone Reoccurring day dreams of finding my only home I let go of the past, for it often leaves me in despair I look to the future knowing much, though still, not prepared I love this night, as it speaks through the bird's voice It is an omen spoken to me, when thought has little noise Words disappear and reappear like a faded, twinkling star This night gives me so much, but doesn't take one very far I sit in the comfort of only my lone, begging company Not a sound is heard anymore, and that does comfort me The emptiness all around leaves me woken, and afraid Though I know this feeling won't last, like any bed that is ever made I pray to God to keep me safe in his given, guiding arms Looking inward I rewrap, my bloody, bandaged scars I will not fade, I will not lie, and still, I do not sleep I will let the night lift me, back into the deep The voice in the back lit canopy speaks, only, given truth Do I stay awake and dream, or is it sleep I now choose

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