I embrace an unnatural slain

The pain washes away, seeping down the cracks

It itches where it heals

And so I pick the scabs

I pick, every waking moment, I pick

I cannot heal, for I pick

The bleeding will not stop

Am I the cause of my own pain

It’s insane to think I am

For I beg myself to let go of what hurts

And yet,

It is I who continues to make it so

Let go

Let go

I scream inside

Let go

All over again

But the pain is persistent

And I cannot stop making it worse

This existence is absurd

I continue making it worse

As I do not move

Am I the cause of my curse

What am I saying

What am I to do

Is this living

Or is this dying

For it is not happiness

For it is real

In a life that feels fake

This must be dying

I am left crying