The Tool For Reason

What is the importance of hope

It has become the tool for reason

It is why we embrace pain without leaving

And we are merely talking

As we are not seeing

Walking through existence

Straight or falling

Always begging for our calling

But consistently stumbling

But consistently falling

Hope is why we do not submit

To our own sadness

To our own bullshit

I will not forgive

The day that almost destroyed my hope

The day I almost hung from a beam in my garage

Defeated by, simply, a piece of rope

I choke

On the memories

The one’s that hold me back

Where will life take me

Will my mind crack

Despair and sadness

Transform into anger

And we all know dependency of such

Creates our own self-made danger

Who are we talking to

When our reflection is a stranger

Our intentions are real

In a state high above ground

That dangles

Who am I in the future

For that is all that hope is

A desire transformed into faith

That things will get better

Though this time, we do hate

And I sit

And I wait

For hope to give me courage

For hope to give me strength

For hope to keep me going

For whatever my life’s length

I am happy when lost in hope

I am found when I am happy

It is this found happiness

For the reason I let go

Of the rope

That almost smothered and destroyed

My very hope