The Stained Mirror

Ashes rest

Forever motionless

In a tomb covered in dirt

Buried so that one can hide the hurt

You’ve called only yourself

You’ve forgotten all that can help

And above you is shade that is felt

You’ve created a ceiling

In a state that is kneeling

Forgetting your sadness

Embracing new feeling

Come, go, stay

You can travel any which way

But you cannot change all that is yesterday

Your pain is like a door

Your name deserves so much more

This is not what you intended

But this is what is in store

Good feeling is sheltered

By walls you have built

Tear down your own creation

Tear down your own self

Rebuild a life you desire

You need not retire

You know who you are

Do not be a liar

When you look into the stained mirror

You are the one that came all this way

Don’t look passed how you got here