In Good Company

When you can forgive

You can love

And when you can love

God’s light will shine on you

Let go of your anger

Let it run free into the wild

This is what makes your reflection smeared

You cannot see you in the present

If you do not let your mind heal

Kneel before the sun in the sky

Stop looking to the darkness

Stop asking why

Open both your eyes

And see

All that is heaven

All that is meant to be

For happiness is so much better

When you share its state

When anger does not wait

When you throw away

Throw away, all that is hate

You can move forward

That is the ideal direction to follow

So walk straight on this steady path

The one to the mountains

The one to the shore

The one in the fields

The one to the door

A door you can open

And be at your best

In good company

Where happiness does not rest