Do I Fall?

Anger consumes me

It misguides my decisions

I mask it with withheld emotion

I mask it with soft callings

Where is it taking me

For when I let it consume

I stay stagnant

Surrounded by walls

And a ceiling

Where do I let it take me

For, because of it, I do not move

This emotion laughs at me

This emotion grips the floor

The one that I walk on

Scream, I tell myself

Scream it all out

But I open my mouth, and nothing comes out

It hurts to breathe

It hurts to suffocate

What do I do then

What do I do, when it hurts to comprehend

Is this where it takes me

Is this where it guides me

To a sunlit runway, where I just sit

To a grounded state, where I am trapped

I ask myself, how do I stand, how do I fall

Do I fall

Screaming, what is the point of it all

But I open my mouth

And nothing comes out