She Is

June 18, 2016

I don’t want to loose her

I don’t want to let her go

All I want to do is hold her forever

All I want to do is show

How much she means to me

How important she is

For she is my whole world

She is my light on this dark path

She is my guide

She is my angel

She is the reason

The reason my life does not dangle


In emptiness

She is my completion

In contemplation

She is the reason

In darkness she is my sunset

In exhaustion

She is the reason I do not rest


In loneliness

She is my company

In sadness

She is what makes me happy


In darkness

She is my guide

In blindness

She opens my eyes

In pain

She is what heals

When I am numb

She makes me feel


In loneliness

She is my company

In depression

She is my lesson

As I do not love anything more

And that is without question


She is my answer

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