Your Reason

It’s dark outside

It’s dark all around

Even inside you

Nothing is found

Scared you feel

Sitting tired, and afraid

In a life you take for granted

In an existence

God has made

Where do you go

Should you escape

But all you do is sit


And wait

For another moment

For another answer

For another calm

One that you can just dance in

But you are too afraid

To even begin standing

As you float about ground

Far from the landing

You are a man

You must not forget that

You have a dream

It is your purpose to go get that

Do not forget

All that you desire in this life

The one that you live

There is so much in this universe

That from you

You can give

You are alone

As you sit

Surrounded by the dark

But even in this night

You are more than a spark

Run passed this night

Run passed this day

Run letting go

Run any way

Your dreams are your light

Your dreams are your reason

Keep following them

The dark you’ll be leaving