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Its Engine Echoes

Reaching a place

Where the traffic is gone

Hearing the wind call

Hearing a bird’s song

Listening as you think

To not think at all

Wondering what this silence brings

Knowing you won’t fall

Sitting in the company

Of only you and a beautiful day

Speaking to no one else

But still not knowing what to say

A plane flies overhead

Its engine echoes far above

The freedom felt takes you far

The freedom gives you so much love

Fields of green guide your eyes

Paths lead you, further down

You sit, you stand, you walk, you run

Anywhere you desire, found on endless ground

Around this place

Lies a man-made wall

But you climb up, and over it

Knowing you won’t fall

You are free in heaven

Only today can bring

You let your mind ease its thoughts

To a future whose past, you will not sing