Thanking The Blue

May 29, 2016

Your day is just beginning

The birds are now singing

Where will you be going

What will you be bringing

Does it even matter

Do you need to question

Maybe there is not answer

Just another lesson


It is beautiful outside, as you look through the window

What does your heart tell you

What song will you sing still


You ask the heavens, please stay with me

You ask the clear blue, to not turn filthy


Where is your company

On this pure day

Should you embrace the beauty alone

Or should you find someone else to share in the sun’s rays


You like where you stand

You like where you are

You look up, you look down

But you close your eyes and see scars


Why does it hurt

When your mind does not see

You know the answer

So forward you must be


Alone you go, on yet another adventure

You thank the clear blue, for keeping you centred




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