I am not an atheist, but I am definitely not religious

I believe in God, or so I call this belief that

I feel God is never beginning, never ending existence, and we, the world, and the universe, are a branch from that existence

I call it God, because that is the most powerful word in the English language, and I don't know what else to call it

Is there an afterlife

I like to believe there is, but I can't prove that, so why would I fight over that belief, like all religion does

Do I believe in equality of all people, of all types, who are good, from both genders


Does religion


I feel that God is just a three-lettered label on something we cannot understand, and even come close to define

And in both theist's or atheist's perspectives, it is simply a feeling of company, one either has, or they do not

I like to feel like I have that company, and it helps me

Do I need any religion, run by man, to give me that company

Absolutely not

Do I need humanity to have a good conversation about that company


Ultimately, my faith rests in my mind, and that faith should matter to no one else

My purpose lies in being good to the people I share this world with, in this life I live, that simply wants to understand my own and shared surroundings

And that is pretty infinite when I look at a night sky

We are here because the world allowed us to be, and atheist or theist, we are here to help this world, and to help each other while we do

We are life

We should spend more time preserving that, and less time fighting over that which does not exist

And like I said

My belief in God is never beginning, never ending existence