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Stars From The Streetlight

I look down as the rain drops

I look down as the rain hits the sidewalk

I look down as the water says something

It says keep looking

What do you see

I see up

I see into the sky

I see through it

Into the dark

Into the room with reflections of light

No wall to reflect

And nothing, surrounding infinite things

A dark in which we see ourselves in

I see up and I am down, in good company

Dreaming while I think

And so I keep looking down

As my eyes were guided up

As my eyes were brought somewhere else

Without even moving

Without even blinking

I blink and I think

I focus my thought and bring it to the street light

As the street light reflects into the water

And out again

I venture away

Leaving the puddle behind to a new one

With many small reflections of street light, bouncing off the ripples

And clustered like night sky when there are no street lights

I see the sky, the one with no light from the ground, in that puddle

I see the stars

There are stars on the ground