The Echo of Thought's Song

The venom pours out on lined paper

Thoughts of the end take shelter

Life begins again as time is forgotten

The apple I eat is far from rotten

I look to God and hear my own voice

The question I ask leaves thought in silence

My mind is weathered

My mind is violent

I end with reason as the leaves blossom

I end with reason as my thoughts escape

Where do they go

Scattered across the earth

The rock in which I sit

The rock that carries its own worth

I sit and ponder

My mind escapes me to wander

I bleed as my voice screeches to a halt

Looking back I realize nothing was my fault

I love this place

Though I look to move on

I love this place

Alone I hear the echo of thought's song

Where do I go

Where do I go

As I sit

And realize

It doesn’t matter