My Own Shadow

Screaming inside but silent on the exterior

Running in my mind

Sitting in reality

Life is far superior

Barely eating

Barely drinking

In a depressed, undressed, uncontrollable way of thinking

Can’t stand the light

Can’t stop blinking

There is no cure to any of this

Who I was in the past

Is the one thing in life I just can’t help but miss

Happiness is a reality that I have held

But why, when it’s over,

Do I venture back into this hell

Help me, I ask my own shadow

For inside of me is the place of this battle

Go to work every day, like everything’s okay

Making others smile, the highlight of my day

Pathetic is how I feel, like a baby, can’t stop complaining

You’re probably reading this,

Thinking it’s so fucking draining.

Does being sick make you a baby