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I've Saved Him

I whisper to a song I can no longer sing

Carrying an empty void I can no longer bring

Weightless in this new found travelling state

Tired and awake, knowing it’s really not too late

I climb up a hill with less effort than before

I enter a room I’ve already been, with an already open door

Where does this life take me, I just want to know

What is the point of this feeling

Is this where life goes

Calm is the presence, the one I feel all over

Pain is a past, buried much lower

And so I continue on this once arduous journey

The further I get, the far less it hurts me

I gain strength as my gravity above becomes lifted

I know I am strong, for I can’t deny I’m gifted

Remembering the dreams, the ones I had yesterday

Coming true they are, as the darkness leaves the best of me

I live pure, true, honest, and real

For though the world softens, my heart can’t help but feel

I am a man, scarred to be reminded

I am a man living, seeing, not blinded

The hallway becomes shorter, I move closer to the light

My future is nearer, and finally it seems bright

I am happy as I write this, and this, I do not lie

Can I carry this weightlessness, I pray, and I will try

This is purpose, in this complicated life

This dream is now real, this feeling is not strife

I never let go, I never gave in

And so I walk in good company, for my reflection, I’ve saved him

I have a friend, and he is myself

I am not alone, as right now love is felt

Thank you I say to him, and he says it back

Forward we’ll go, and we’ll never look back