Who I am In This Ocean

Lost in translation

An ocean’s view

I am now facing

Seeing pain I have for so long been chasing

Seeing pain swim, into the deep

Seeing it drown, directly below the sky’s feet

I am free, without hesitation

I am free, in front of a view God is now making

Diving into water, afraid

Diving into the rest of a life my future has already made

Breathing to fight

Fighting to breathe

Looking at a shore, one I just cannot bear leave

I swim to not think

I swim to not sink

But I can’t help but think

How can I just stand

For I just want to continue this journey

Found on solid land

This water is too much to even begin to comprehend

This ocean ahead seems to have no reachable end

So I will just swim, until the end of time

I will forever stand, in my sick but healing mind

And who I am in this ocean

I, will, find