But First I'll Rip Out My Eyes

I tear at my face

Screaming at my hate

Leaving a life I can no longer embrace

Fuck this world

Fuck this slavery

Serving it in a place of shared but unfair bravery

With no choice, a shattered voice

And a sound louder than any noise

Could ever make

Is this heaven, for heaven’s sake

I rip out my eyes

But my memory lights my view

In a world that makes the healthy sick

A spec of dust, enough to make the sick spew

And so what I just can’t see

Is this the man-made place I want too often to forever leave

But it’s my world too, and it just won’t let its people free

This is not humanity, can’t you all see

I am drowning in a black hole’s existence

Evil thoughts become even more persistent

And so this hate is what makes me more resistant

And so sleep that as a child seemed possible, just now isn’t

Fuck you too, if you don’t want to heal this home

Fuck you too, you’re the reason we sink and just can’t move on

I whisper with one voice, alone and scared

I scream in the company of billions, fueled and prepared

I will not lay wrapped in stained in sheets, on a cold bed

I will no longer wait to be caged like an animal that is forever deprived but fed

My eyes heal themselves

The blood in my veins makes my throat swell

And all I can do is scream to get out of this hell

I feel like I’m living on cracking egg shells

For I am one man of many suffering in a life

For I am one human of many, suffering sin’s strife

Raise your arms and drop the knife

You can stop you, but you will not stop life

Our home is the reason we sometimes do break

And so a better world I choose to now make

But first I’ll rip out my eyes

Because to be a man I must, no longer, wish to die

I must stand strong, and dare not begin to cry

I must stand honest, and not live this world’s lie