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a r t CREATE DESIGN l i f e

Frozen Memories, Pain, and Self-Remedies

Conflicted in a stage of addiction

Can’t let go of this painful affliction

Chasing the broken needle with a hopeless intention

With a shameful truth, I just don’t want to mention

This unnatural state leaves a bitter memory

With a weakness inside that always destroys the best in me

Oh, for how I wish I could just let it be

But my craving for more does nothing but control the rest of me

I recover from my own man-made elevation

Always falling to a state of self-deprivation

Why is it that something I do nothing but run from

Forever turns into something I’m chasing This is a truth I just cannot stop facing My mind won't stop racing, I just can't stop pacing

I am just sick, and the remedy I have chosen

Is the wrong solution, in a time that feels frozen

What is this drug, this is not love

But when I am done, I always come back

To all of the above