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a r t CREATE DESIGN l i f e

3 AM

I walk into the night sky

Towards a moon as big as my eyes can see

Scared in this place, for I am alone

Scared in this state, for I’m on my own

I’ve survived the wrath of the lit day before

Covered by a gray cloud, one that is gone in this night

A night that sings with an open view, and open sky

One I just can’t fight

The stars try to tell me something

They try to tell me, there is so much more, you are still here

Even in this place that I just don’t want to face

Even in this place that leaves a bitter trace

Because of their light, and a moon up above

I can see into the darkness

But I’m alone, I can’t contend with that fact

I’m alone in this night and I just can’t forget that

What will tomorrow’s light bring

How loud will the birds sing

Will I chase that one thing

Or will I run, from just about everything

I just don’t know

For now I’ll continue walking

Under the night sky

The one that reflects a starlit path

That is my life today, at a time far from day

A path that is my only light

A path that is my only strife

A path that brings me into the dark

Out of the sun

And out of the light

Then back again

I just want to find my friend

I just want this night to end

I just want to no longer pretend

Tonight there is just not enough light

And though I am a man

It’s the witching hour

And I am scared of the dark For I'm alone with myself And though I can see the path in front of me

Because of the stars above

I just can't see this night's end And I just want to no longer pretend For I'm alone

With myself